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5.1 Heimkinosystem von Teufel
9 Products
9 Products

Home Entertainment Systems for quality cinema sound at home

So it’s a weekend at home, the food and snacks are ready – but what’s missing? The right Home Entertainment System for that real movie feeling. Only with the perfect sound backdrop can the movie become a real highlight. And make sure when you’re on the hunt for the perfect home cinema set not to comprise! Ideally, you’re looking for a system that has durability and the technology to deliver quality sound.
Teufel has a wide range of 5.1 sound systems to offer. You can find everything from compact systems for smaller rooms to the powerhouse of THX Home Entertainment Systems for rooms up to150 m². At Teufel there’s something for everyone and every budget.

Home Cinema sets from Teufel

If you happen to already own an AV receiver, then a quality speaker system what you need to meet your requirements and you can also afford to be a bit flexible when it comes to setting up your system. However, without an AV receiver, a complete home theatre system could be the best solution for you. You can find out which of our 5.1 systems can be ordered with or without a receiver on our overview page. What you should also pay attention to is how much space you have for your home cinema system. Remember that the sizes of entertainment systems vary greatly. Micro speakers will fit in any corner, but floor-standing speakers sets will demand more space.

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