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Who we are and where we come from.

Why Teufel's the right choice.

That's how it works at Teufel. We develop and sell our products ourselves. Meaning you can get your speaker quicker in your hands and don't have to pay fortune for it.

From us, for you.

Buying directly from Teufel offers you many advantages. We are the developers, producers and sellers in one. Because they are our products, we can advise you optimally. And without middlemen, you get the best sound at the best price.

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    Twice as good at half the price

    Because at Teufel we sell our products directly, there's no middle man, meaning no handling fees. We offer more features and more sound than other products in the same price range.

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    Our shop is among the best

    The Teufel shop never disappoints, its easy navigation, security, and comfort create a first-class shopping experience.

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    Your opinion matters

    All feedback is taken directly to product developers and used to help develop future products. No other company is as agile as Teufel.

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    No risk, more fun

    Teufel stands for quality, quality and more quality. That's why we offer up to a 12-year guarantee and 8 week Free & Easy Returns.

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    At your service

    The customer service center sits directly next to our HQ in Berlin, meaning customer feedback is quickly taken on board.