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First class surround sound for films, games and music

5.1 sound systems

Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Heimkino 5.1 Surround Mk3
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10 Products

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5.1 sound systems for home cinema

A real 5.1 sound system together with the matching TV set ensures the best home cinema experience. A good movie on DVD or Blu-ray disc it’s not just about the picture quality, but also the sound and true 5.1 surround sound.

Six-channel surround sound...

  • lets you experience computer games and movies with unprecedented vibrancy and intensity,
  • brings the cinema atmosphere into your four walls,
  • allows heavy bass effects by the extra subwoofer,
  • can be easily integrated into the living space using small satellites.


5.1 systems mean a surround hi-fi system with a multi-channel sound system in the form of five main channels and a separate bass channel. Originally developed from cinema technology, 5.1 sets now belong to the standard repertoire of film lovers and gaming enthusiasts. The components of a 5.1 loudspeaker system are two main loudspeakers on the left and right, centre speakers, two surround loudspeakers on the left and right for the rear and the subwoofer. Besides an AV receiver to which the speakers are connected, these are the 5.1 speaker components.

5.1 Speakers are available as column- or micro loudspeakers as well as floor-standing speakers. The latter is very well suited for the demanding reproduction of film sound and music, as they reproduce low and medium frequencies well due to the large membrane surface. The special construction of micro speakers allows them to produce a full sound with compact dimensions.


Due to their signal output on both sides, dipoles can hardly be located and thus provide a lively sound in home cinema systems. Surround sound is therefore only complete with Diopl loudspeakers.


A 5.1 loudspeaker set must be arranged spatially correctly in order to achieve the best possible sound. The original goal was to achieve high speech intelligibility in the cinema by placing the centre speaker behind the cinema screen. The same applies to the home theatre corner of your living area or the desk at work. The centre is placed above or below the TV or PC monitor to make the actors' dialogues as realistic as possible. The front boxes are placed at equal distances to the right and left of the screen and form an equiangular triangle with the viewer's location.

The rear speakers are mirrored to the front speakers. It would be ideal to place the speakers, which provide the surround sound, at ear level This should not be a problem with large floor-standing speakers, but wall mount or stands are recommended for small satellites. Every single 5.1 loudspeakers in combination with its strong sounding comrades are controlled directly and thus produces perfect surround sound for a home cinema experience at the desk. Of course, the sound card in the PC or laptop should be equipped for 5.1 playbacks. Find out how a soundcard effects computing sound in our blog.

The subwoofer can be positioned close to the wall or elsewhere. Do not place the subwoofer in the corner of a room, as this can lead to overlay and the bass may no longer sound precise.

You can find more information about setting up a 5.1 system in our blog.

5.1 Sound systems can be upgraded to 7.1 home cinema systems. Teufel offers corresponding 7.1 expansion sets. With a 7.1-capable AV receiver, real 7.1 sound is possible. A 5.1 or 7.1 sound system can also be operated in larger or longer rooms.

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